A Few Hobby Projects

2020 TMS-RGB: A mod for the Colecovision (and other systems) to output analog RGB video.

2019 X-Wing Quick Reference: A card-sized quick reference for the X-Wing Second Edition game.

2018 3D Printer Bed Inspector: My printer's bed wasn't flat. I made something to help.

2018 Switch Pro Controller Stand: There's a nice way to import meshes into Fusion 360.

2017 Immediate2D: A simple, QBASIC-like drawing framework for C++.

2014 ColecoHID: A Roller Controller-to-USB adapter to use the original hardware with emulators.

2008 NES Cross-Stitch: I spent like 200 hours filling tiny squares with DMC floss.

2006 Synthesia: A piano practice app that eventually became more than a hobby.

2006 Desktop Saver: Windows ruins your desktop icon positions. This utility restores them.

This isn't remotely everything. Maybe when I get a chance.